Cleveland Cavaliers v New Orleans Pelicans

Lebron James Sniper Flop

  • By 2Bros
  • June 16, 2015
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Lebron James is known as a pretty bad floper in the NBA.  He is almost as bad as a soccer player when it comes to flopping.  We decided to put … Continue Reading →


Chaos Castle Video

Here is the new Chaos Castle video! Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for other great videos!


In N Out with Panda Express, Would You Try It?

Sounds unhealthy doesn’t it? Well that’s probably because it is!  But you can’t deny the fact that it sounds grossly delicious. In N Out Burger and Panda Express are two … Continue Reading →


Turn Off the TV and Dance!

I hate to admit it, but I am addicted to TV and especially listening to the news.  All I see on TV is tragedy, despair, and turmoil all across the … Continue Reading →

512 x 512

The Best New Game App! -Chaos Castle

  Our first app is now on Google Play and Apple.  Make sure to check it out! The name of the game is Chaos Castle.  The game is like King … Continue Reading →


Starbucks in the Eyes of Non-Coffee Drinker

Today I had dilemma.  I was way behind on emails and phone calls and trying to catch up on work at home with a baby can be downright impossible.  So … Continue Reading →


My Wife Is Smarter Than Me

It is a sad truth, and one that I have finally succumbed to….my wife is smarter than me. It all started to sink in when I was going through our … Continue Reading →

sports fan

The Sports Fan Cycle

Being a sports fan started young in all of us.  It probably started on a couch in your living room watching a game with your Dad.  Your dad was yelling … Continue Reading →


Banana Slicer That Changes Lives

Have you had marital problems or difficulties getting your teenagers to listen to you or even love you?  The banana slicer can change all of that for you in an … Continue Reading →

high school

What I wish I knew In High School

This is a question that all of us ponder one time or another in our life.  Don’t you wish you could go back to high school and tell yourself everything … Continue Reading →